Chile Trip 2006 

Santiago's Court; Olga Weisfeiler

“Weisfeiler said she would remain in Chile for a week to meet with the government, court officials and army commander Gen. Oscar Izurieta to ask for support.”
(- Eduardo Gallardo, AP; March 31, 2006)

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2006. "Policia de Investigaciones, Chile"

"The only clear thing is that the promise to clarify the destiny of a thousand of Chileans vanished by the dictatorship continues being a pending debt for the governments of the Concertación. So far, there is not yet justice... or truth." (- translation from La Nación, April 30, 2006)

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2006. Supreme Court building: a meeting with investigating Judge Ministro Jorge Zepeda was held in one of the Court's offices.

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Palacio de la Moneda - Presidential Palace

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